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I-D Magazine
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Suscripción anual: 4 Ejemplares | Lengua: Inglés | País: Reino Unido
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I-D Magazine Suscripción

You know you’re looking at a total masterpiece when the name of the magazine is brilliantly fashioned - i-D is short and succinct when you read it horizontally. Founded in the 1980s by Vogue art director Terry Jones, i-D is a magazine that celebrates fashion, music and style like no other. Although i-D is relatively new on the scene, it has caught on the frenzy thanks to the immense youth appeal and street smart style gigs portrayed inside. The smart photography is another asset of i-D where you get sharp images, devoid of any editing and is presented unadulterated from head-to-toe. The fact that models who shun campaigning for other fashion magazines, wheedle to be featured on the i-D cover speaks volumes of the creativity and the emphasis on power packed presentations by the journal. Add to that, edifying and concise advice on how to set your home, life and physique right are rampant on i-D.

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