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BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
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Each month, Gardeners' World, the UK's biggest selling gardening Magazine provides you with key practical advice and tips, just when you need it! As well as fresh ideas and inspiration, you'll find heaps of practical advice in every issue and tips on exactly what needs doing each month, just when you need it. You'll also find solutions to all your gardening problems with the help of our experts as well as ideas from all your TV favourites, including Alan Titchmarsh, Toby Buckland, Monty Don, Carol Klein and Joe Swift. From vegetable growing to wildlife, new plants to shopping, there is something for everyone in Gardeners' World Magazine. Take out a subscription online today!

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Cristhophe Dittrich - 21-08-2019 17:16

Good advice, practical tips, nice pics and I am a Monty fan. Best gardening read!

Jeanette Oosten - 21-08-2019 17:16

I buy it regularly. I also look at Gardeners World every Friday with Monty Don. Beautiful magazine with great articles and tips.

Karl-Erik Petersson - 21-08-2019 17:14

Had I had to bring two things to a desert island it would have been Monty Don and Gardeners' World Magazine.

A priceless source for tips' tricks and inspiration.

Ulrika Anderberg - 21-08-2019 17:14

I love the tv show and of course this magazine. So much useful ideal and good tips! In a good mannered and friendly way. I have even named my puppy dog Monty - after Monty Don.

Adele Amorosi - 21-08-2019 17:13

I am a Sicilian and find the contents and images of the magazine highly stimulating. But what I appreciate most, is the openness towards eco-sustainability, presented as an indispensable value for any gardener. A value that makes the difference and the quality of the 'approach to gardening, considered here in all its potential. It ranges in fact from the creative aspect, to the therapeutic-aggregating, to the practical-technical aspect. So congratulations to publishers and their educational mission.